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When you step onto the porch of your new home, you will be greeted by a vast expanse of water stretching as far as the eye can see. With the water so close, new adventures await you at every turn. Take an early morning run along the river or a leisurely afternoon stroll in the shelter of crepe myrtle trees. Then, of course, there’s the Pamlico River itself. Spend countless hours kayaking or canoeing on its crystalline waters. Fish for speckled trout and striped bass in the Pamlico Sound as sailboats glide past. Or simply gaze in quiet wonder as the rays of the setting sun light the river ablaze in a riot of color, signaling the end of another perfect day.


The Original Washington, Little Washington, or simply Washington: What easygoing locals call this picturesque city on the Inner Banks seems to change with the tides. What matters is that you find yourself here sooner, rather than later. Click here to read the rest of Our State magazine’s guide to Washington.

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Meet the People Behind Downtown Washington’s Renaissance

Downtown is just down the street.

Washington’s downtown Harbor District is just a few short steps from your front door. There are trendy new restaurants and coffee shops to discover, fashionable new boutiques to explore, plenty of art festivals and live entertainment to enjoy. But even though downtown Washington hums with renewed activity and excitement, it hasn’t lost any of its quaint character or charm. A local landmark since the bygone days of vaudeville, the Turnage Theatre recently reopened in all its former glory. The theatre also serves as the permanent home of the local arts council: Arts of the Pamlico.

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We drew on Washington’s past to make some history of our own.

Walking in Washington’s historic district is like stepping back in time. The row after row of lovingly restored, immaculately maintained homes are marvels of colonial and Victorian architecture. Perhaps you’ll strike up a conversation with one of the occupants as they people-watch from the comfort of their front porch. Like most folks here in Washington, they’re courteous, colorful and proud of their town’s rich heritage. Maybe they’ll tell you about the Marsh House across from the North Carolina Estuarium on Water Street. Built in 1795, it still has a cannonball fired during the Civil War lodged in its walls.

We drew on Washington’s past to make some history of our own.

Elmwood, circa 1820
Riverside-Winfield House, circa 1886

Snugly nestled along the north shore of the Pamlico River, Washington, NC, is a small town with a storied past. As any local will proudly tell you, Washington, NC – not D.C. – was the first city in the country to be named after George Washington. In fact, some longtime residents still refer to their town as the Original Washington.


Washington is a study in contrasts. Famous for its laidback charm, there is nonetheless an undeniable vitality at its core. Just a few steps from genteel neighborhoods and centuries-old homes, downtown Washington is a hub of activity. The rebirth of the Harbor District has given rise to a slew of new locally owned businesses, from boutiques and art galleries to restaurants and coffee shops.


All of this progress, we are pleased to report, has not robbed Washington of its soul. Its allure – often quaint, occasionally quirky – remains intact. Washington is still home to scenic waterfront views and spacious wraparound porches, tree-lined streets and lamplit boardwalks. Oh, and crab statues. You’ll find them by the dozens all over downtown Washington. Just ask a local.

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