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Meet the Designer Who Helped Bring Moss Landing to Life


Meet Phil Clarke. As the head of our design team, Phil brings our vision of Moss Landing to life with each line he draws. Phil and the award-winning team at Clarke Design Group have brought their uncompromising commitment to excellence and traditional home design to new homes from New York to Texas, Virginia to Louisiana. We were particularly struck by his painstaking work remodeling and restoring homes in the Charleston Historic District and the Old Village Historic District in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Phil shares our determination to preserve the architectural integrity of historic neighborhoods. Together, we were able to create in Moss Landing a community that reflects the beauty and the heritage of its surroundings. You can browse Phil’s impressive portfolio at Clarke Design Group.

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New Homes with a Classic Style

You don’t build new homes in a town like Washington, NC by turning a blind eye to what makes it so special in the first place. So when we drew up plans for Moss Landing, we cast aside any preconceived notions or pat solutions and started fresh. Instead of mindlessly aping the latest design trends, we took our cues from the classical architecture of Washington’s historic district and the natural beauty of the Pamlico River. What we created in Moss Landing is a waterfront community that exists in perfect harmony with its surroundings. Our designs incorporate the coastal and classical influences of the Inner Banks. At the same time, we added some distinctive flourishes of our own. Our harbor homes are not carbon copies or pale imitations but true originals with a look and feel all their own. We believe the care and creativity we put into Moss Landing was well worth it. Judging by the overwhelmingly favorable response we’ve received thus far, so do the folks who live here. They love the innovative open floor plans, the airy front and back porches, the elegant finish work. Got some design ideas of your own? We’ll be more than happy to discuss them with you and our architect Phil Clarke. Working together, we can create pride a customized space that’s every bit as unique as you are. To learn more about Moss Landing, give us a call at (252) 231-2944 or email us at

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